Our Story


Sarah is a 39 year old one-woman circus juggling three little humans (plus one large husband human) and an obsession with stationery. When not performing her sideshow attraction Sarah can be found dreaming up witty images and words to give people a laugh and remind everyone in the trenches that they aren't alone. She can also be found making muffins for her family and then eating all of said muffins herself, but that's not really relevant to you. She loves watching programs that show how everyday objects are made in factories. Sorry, also not relevant.


Boo To You was conceived in 2010 when Sarah had the bright idea to sell her magnificent cards to retail stores. They're more than just cards though.
They're also a reminder to lighten up and laugh in adversity's stupid face. Be the hero who lightens the mood in three easy steps:
1. Spaz privately.
2. Give Boo To You cards publicly.
3. Look cool as a cucumber.

Boo To You cards are created with more wit than wisdom; sometimes brash but always crafted with class. There's something here for everyone.

Hello You!

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