The Secret To Mocking Your Loved Ones With A Greeting Card

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Ah the gentle art of poking fun at your friends and loved ones. Why do we do this? And why does it feel so good? People make fun of their friends as a way to build camaraderie and to show affection in a lighthearted way.  So long as it's in good humour and doesn't cross the line into cruelty or hurtfulness I feel mocking your friends and family works wonders to build connection and strengthen bonds. God it feels good to choose just the right card for someone.  It's an opportunity to showcase how well you know someone! What can you get away with? How close are you? Will they receive it playfully? Nothing beats that feeling of knowing you will pull off a perfectly silly and sarcastic card. 

As an extension of that - using self deprecating humour that makes fun of OURSELVES on a card works to strip away our ego and make us more relatable, approachable, heck even more loveable

The secret recipe involves a give and take.. a backhanded compliment.. a shit sandwich of sorts; to simultaneously say something nice and something sarcastic in one sentiment. It washes over the recipient in a warm wave of words that may sting for a second, but leaves them feeling loved. 

Well, if you can call someone a slut and they leave feeling loved... you've found yourself a pretty unique friend.  That's who Boo To You cards are for - those diamonds in the rough who appreciate your tongue and cheek card choice.  The ones who don't respond with 'ouch.' 

Get out there and be bold and poke fun of someone you love.

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